Tagging Member Info

1. Tags can be purchased from Gary Beeg. If you need tagging needles please contact Fred Bogue. Cards will be supplied with the tags for record- keeping.

2. Enter the tag number on the cards and staple the tag to each card. Keep your tagging needle loaded at all times to reduce the time it takes you to tag, measure and release the fish.

3. The tags you purchase are recorded in your name so we can determine who has what tags if we get a return before you turn in your information.

4. Tag fish above the lateral line and behind the dorsal fin. This will allow you to tag the fish in a less harmful area. Note: Try to handle the fish as little as possible and return the fish as quickly as possible. Please remember the warmer the water is, the more stress you are putting on the fish. Spend more time reviving the fish caught in warmer water. This helps reduce the mortality rate of released fish. Link to Illustrated Tagging Instructions.

5. After releasing the fish tag the card with the date and size and write the location later. Do not rely on memory. Punch the holes on the card for size, date and month prior to reloading your needle.

6. Return the filled out cards or an accurate list to Fred Bogue at meetings or mail them to him:

Fred Bogue
3 East Delaware Trail
Medford, NJ 08055

You can also e-mail your results to Fred at linesider50@verizon.net

7. Anyone wishing to have a printout of your personal results let me know and I will print them for you.

8. When the club receives a tag return we contact the person and get as much information that we can and supply the person with as much info as we have recorded and reward the person with a letter with the release statistics and a patch. The letter from the person returning the tag will be then returned to you so you can keep it. The tag result will also be announced at a meeting and will be on our website in the future.

9. Any further questions feel free to call Fred at (609)654-2064.

10. The latest costs are 30 cents each for tags and ten dollars each for tagging needles.