Tagging Instructions

1. Write the number with permanent marker on the card and staple tags to cards.
Store your cards in a zip lock bag 10 to 25 per bag is good.

2. Load your needle prior to going fishing.

3. Tag the fish as quickly as possible. Hold the needle on an angle keeping the ground portion of the needle parallel to the body of the fish. With a firm motion push the needle under a scale and into the flesh. If you keep your index finger on the needle as shown it will help guide the needle and serve as a stop to control the depth. If you scrape scales off without the tag going in you are at too shallow of an angle. If when you tag and the needle won't penetrate and a scale is stuck on the needle you are using to steep an angle. If your needle cuts off the barb dull the inside edge of the needle with a file. With practice this will become second nature to you.

This will remove scales

This is correct

This will not penetrate

4. Proper location for application of the tag

5. Release the fish as soon as possible. Revive the fish if needed. The warmer the water temperature and the longer the fight is the longer it will take the fish to get its strength back. Hold the fish back until the fish struggles and breaks your hold on him.

6. After releasing the fish, punch the card for size, month, date. Fold the card in half and put in back of the bag. Load the needle with the next tag etc. Use the tags in sequential order for ease of recording. When you get home from your fishing trip write down the location on each tag card

5. Send or email results at the end of the year or turn them in as often as you like. If you like I will send you a printout of your individual records as below.