The club’s tagging program serves two purposes. We compile scientific data as to the migration and growth rate of Striped Bass. We also get the pleasure of communicating with the angler who recaptures the fish that you release. For those who tag all the bass that they catch, the data can be used as a fishing log of the fish that you release.

We use a Floy FT-2 style of dart tag . This tag suits us well for tagging in the wide range of circumstances that we tag. Some other systems have a higher return rate but require more effort to employ the tag.

Currently we have 25,000 stripers swimming free with our tags attached. Our program is recognized by the Littoral Society and we turn our records over to the state at the end of the year. This information over time will give everyone more information as to growth rates, migrations and the condition of the fish stocks for the future.

To report a tag return contact Fred Bogue at 609-654-2064 or

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