Berkeley Striper Club
Fluke Tournament
(Club Members Only)

3nd Annual BSC Summer Fluke Tournament

We are happy to announce the tournament with some exciting changes. The committee’s goal was to once again provide a fair and easy format for all who participate and after polling the club we are ready to move forward.

Info as follows:

Format: We plan to have a 4 time periods consisting of 2 week each starting July 29th and ending the last day of fluke season Sept. 22nd with both a 1st and 2nd place winner for each of the 4 time periods and an overall Grand Prize winner for the person who catches the largest fluke in each division over the 4 time periods. NJ waters only. We hope to have both a Surf Division ( land based…piers, jetty’s, inlets etc.) and a Boat/Kayak Division as long as we get a minimum of 15 participants per division.

Period 1 Sun 7/29 to Sat 8/11
Period 2 Sun 8/12 to Sat 8/25
Period 3 Sun 8/26 to Sat 9/08
Period 4 Sun 9/09 to Sat 9/22

Awards Ceremony
Wed Oct 3…………Oct. General Mtg.

Cost / Prizes: To join the tournament there will be a $25 participation fee ($6.25 per period) per division. This fee will make up the pool used to pay out the 4 period winners in the form of a Grumpy’s Bait & Tackle gift cards. There will be 2 winners per period made up of 25% of the total pool collected. 1st place will receive 80% of the pool & 2nd place will win 20% of the pool. We are working on finalizing the grand prize for the winners of the largest fluke submitted over the 4 periods in each division.

As an example if we get 25 participants within a division the numbers would work out to each time period pool of $125 ($25 x 25 = $625 / 4 = $156 per period - 1st wins 80% or $125 / 2nd wins 20% or $31). In addition, as they did last year Grumpy’s has agreed to sponsor the tournament and after we have finalized all the participants we will add some additional prize money donated by Grumpy’s to the 2 divisional pools. This is very generous of Grumpy’s and I encourage all our members to frequent this great supporter of the BSC. When all was said and done using last year as an example, our weekly period winners for the surf division received $230 per period and boat/yak division was $140 per period. The numbers will vary depending on the actual participation within each division and will be announced once finalized......but the more who participate the better.

To maintain a level playing field and to add a bit of strategy to the decision making related to this event all participants will be allowed to win a maximum of 2 time periods. There is no limit to how many 2nd place time periods you can win. Decision making, strategy and your level of confidence in your fluke catching abilities will all be part of the equation.

As we did last year if you win 2 time periods you can still upgrade your largest fish for the divisional Grand Prize but not win a 3rd time period with that fish.

Sign up / Payment: Being this is a club only event we have some flexibility……but with limited time you need to sign up as soon as possible. All interested participants must sign up by paying their $25 by Sunday 07/22. Payment will be accepted by

1) mail payment to: Steven Perna, 807 Orchard Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 (with limited time it will be easier if it comes directly to the Committee and we do not have to monitor the PO box). Please include your name and the division you want to enter
2) putting your name & division you want to enter on an envelope with payment and dropping it in the BSC weigh slip boxes at Grumpy’s B&T in Seaside Park
3) paying using Paypal on our clubs website at under BSC Fluke Tournament on our main page

BSC Fluke Tournament
4) paying a committee member directly at the club picnic on 07/15.

If paying by check please make payable to: Berkeley Striper Club.

Fish Submission: Again as a club only event we will have some flexibility here as well. All fish to be entered must have a completed weigh slip from any retail commercial B&T shop in NJ. The weigh slip must include the participants name, weight of the fish, the date & time the fish was weighed in and must be completed/signed by the B&T shop. The time a fish is weighed in will be used as a tiebreaker if necessary. Slips can be submitted in the following two ways 1) dropped in the BSC weigh slip boxes at Grumpy’s B&T or 2) emailed to the committee by taking a clear photo of the weigh slip and attaching it to an email including your name and phone number. The email address to submit an entry is .

All fish submissions must be received by the Thursday following the completion of the time period.

Dates as follows:
Period 1 Sun 7/29 to Sat 8/11 Weigh slip deadline Thur. 8/16
Period 2 Sun 8/12 to Sat 8/25 Weigh slip deadline Thur. 8/30
Period 3 Sun 8/26 to Sat 9/08 Weigh slip deadline Thur. 9/13
Period 4 Sun 9/09 to Sat 9/22 Weigh slip deadline Thur. 9/27

The committee plans to post weekly announcements on our Facebook page and will encourage all participants to post updates and pictures of their catches during this event. Bragging rights and a little good-hearted banter among club members will be encouraged!!

If we do not get enough participation in either the boat or surf division we will refund all the money sent for that division as soon as possible. We will update via club email or on our Facebook page once we have confirmation of the total number of participants and the final amounts for the 4 period prize pools.

If anyone has a question please feel free to reach out to any of the committee members for clarification as follows:
Steven Perna (732.221.0540)
Jon Pulaski (732.546.1459)

Thanks and good luck!!!!