Presented Annually In Memory Of Bill, A Great Sportsman And Avid Fisherman.  This Award Is Given To A Member Who Exemplifies Bill’s High Standards Of Sportsmanship And Dedication To The Club.

The Bill Sculerati Award was established shortly after Bill died, in memory of his service and devotion to the Berkeley Striper Club.  It has been in existence since 1980.  The permanent award is displayed at Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle Shop in the luncheonette.  The list of recipients and the plaque inscription has been copied from the award that is on display.
Past Receipents:
    1980 Gene Lavigne
    1981 John Bushell Sr.
    1982 Paul Schaffter
    1983 Sal Padavano
    1984 Al Shamey
    1985 Rick Barlet
    1986, 1987 not awarded
    1988 Tom Fote
    1989 Paul Haertel and Joe Otero
    1990 Shel E. Caris
    1991 Rick Barlet
    1992 Paul Hofmann
    1993 Fred Bogue
    1994 Frank Zappella
    1995 Bob Eaglesham
    1996 Gary Gerenza
    1997 Sara Bogue
    1998 John Gillis
    1999 Tim Linkevich
    2000 Pat Leahey
    2001 Nancy Peterson
    2002 Joe Chrzanowski
    2003 Frank Zappella
    2004 Robert Svenningsen
    2005 Fred Bogue
    2006 Eric Peterson
    2007 Mike Tutella
    2008 Ken Hollins
    2009 Gary Beeg
    2010 Paul Haertel
    2011 Steven Perna
    2012 Ray Nebus
    2013 Craig Lorenz
    2014 Steve George
    2015 John Budish Jr.
    2016 Tom Basile
    2017 TBD